About us

Since 2001, Fluid Attacks has been committed to growing as a team and developing its own technology to contribute to global cybersecurity.

Our mission

Help organizations develop and deploy secure software without delays

Our Continuous Hacking is an all-in-one solution that combines our own tools, AI and certified hacking team throughout the entire software development lifecycle to identify security vulnerabilities accurately, keeping false positives and false negatives to a minimum.

In addition to reporting risk exposure promptly, we support our clients through our platform to easily understand, manage and fix security issues in their software and thereby achieve high remediation rates and guarantee high-quality and safe products to their end users.


Fluid Attacks is fully committed to ethical business practices

Honesty: This virtue is paramount to all our business interactions; it is something we offer to third parties and consequently expect in return.

Teamwork: We achieve our outcomes through collaborative efforts. Therefore, we uphold dignified and respectful treatment for all team members.

Discipline: We fulfill all our commitments with unwavering dedication, perseverance and total focus on excellence on behalf of all our customers.

How we apply our principles regarding our clients

The following are some examples:

  • We only perform ethical hacking with the prior authorization of the client who owns the evaluation target.

  • We report to the client all security issues we identify in their software.

  • We do not disclose information about detected vulnerabilities to unauthorized parties inside or outside Fluid Attacks.

  • If we make a mistake, we inform the client, do everything necessary to fix it, and take full responsibility for any negative impacts.

  • After completing a project, we seek to eliminate all types of infections from the client's systems that were part of our tests.

  • We do not keep records of vulnerabilities identified in the client's software once a project has been closed.

Fluid Attacks is a CNA

We are a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA) and a CVE lab among the top 10 worldwide. Through our research team, we identify and disclose security issues in open-source software.

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Search for vulnerabilities in your apps for free with Fluid Attacks' automated security testing! Start yourĀ 21-day free trial and discover the benefits of theĀ Continuous HackingĀ Essential plan. If you prefer the Advanced plan, which includes the expertise of Fluid Attacks' hacking team, fill outĀ this contact form.

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Hacking software for over 20 years

Fluid Attacks tests applications and other systems, covering all software development stages. Our team assists clients in quickly identifying and managing vulnerabilities to reduce the risk of incidents and deploy secure technology.

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