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Photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash

Wendy Rodriguez

Never trust. Always verify.

An overview of the cybersecurity philosophy that inherently says “no” to anyone and anything trying to access a company’s digital resources.

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Wendy Rodriguez

What is a software bill of materials?

Find out what a software bill of materials is, what it's used for and how it helps in software creation, resource management and cost budgeting.

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Wendy Rodriguez

The OWASP framework to achieve security maturity

Understand the OWASP SAMM framework to formulate and implement a proactive strategy for software security maturity.

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Wendy Rodriguez

What is an MITM attack?

Learn what a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack is, how it works, what the types are and how to prevent them.

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Wendy Rodriguez

Learn about this systems engineering process

Here you’ll find a complete explanation of what is configuration management, key aspects, and the benefits it brings to organizations.

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Wendy Rodriguez

What is this Spring framework vulnerability?

Learn what the Spring4Shell vulnerability is, how it could potentially expose your system to cyber-attacks, and tips on how to protect against further security issues in Spring Framework.

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Wendy Rodriguez

Learn about this Log4j vulnerability and how to remediate it

Fluid Attacks helps you learn about the Log4Shell vulnerability, its history, how to detect it and its remediation.

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Wendy Rodriguez

Understanding ASPM & its contribution to cybersecurity

Application security posture management (ASPM) helps control the security of your applications throughout the entire SDLC.

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Wendy Rodriguez

Learn about this cyber risk

Learn what it is, examples, possible effects and how to prevent propagation.

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