Read our or other experts' take on cybersecurity topics, such as trends, technology, certifications and ethical hacking.

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Jason Chavarría

Threat landscape and cybersecurity trends we anticipate

Get an idea of the top threats to cybersecurity and preventive trends that we predict for 2024.

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Jason Chavarría

Impacts of false positives by security software

Losing time on false positives lowers devs' morale, costs money and prevents security teams from responding to real risks. We give details and recommendations.

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Jason Chavarría

Top cyberattack and prevention trends this year

Fluid Attacks shares a digest of top trends in cyberattacks and prevention in 2023.

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Andres Roldan

An OffSec Exploitation Expert review

In this post, we review the EXP-401 course and OSEE certification offered by OffSec.

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Jason Chavarría

Increase the board's cyber savvy with these reads

Boards need to gain skills to identify, assess and supervise their organizations' cyber risk-management measures. We share resources to help them on their way.

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Jason Chavarría

There's not an only way but here's a good one

We offer a guide to become an ethical hacker based off some information on common non-technical and technical skills hackers find useful for their role.

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Andres Roldan

A hacker's view of the performance of Researcher CNAs

We've been a CNA for a while, and this is an analysis of our performance.

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Jason Chavarría

Why so many are switching to Rust

Memory-related security issues are common and often critical. To reduce their presence, ongoing projects are writing in memory-safe languages like Rust.

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Felipe Ruiz

Description and critique of CEH certifications

Here's a description and a critique of the CEH founded on the question, "Should the person who has this certification be called a 'certified ethical hacker'?"

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