Read our or other experts' take on cybersecurity topics, such as trends, technology, certifications and ethical hacking.

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Felipe Ruiz

A simple approach to try out in cybersecurity training

We present a short review of a study in which the authors suggest an approach to introduce and encourage software developers to use secure coding practices.

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Andres Roldan

A Certified Red Team Lead (CRTL) Review

In this post we review the RTO-2 course and CRTL certification offered by Zero-Point Security.

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Felipe Ruiz

Threat landscape and preventive measures for next year

Thanks to this blog post, you will get an idea of possible threats and preventive measures that will take place in the cybersecurity context in 2023.

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Jason Chavarría

Trends in cyberattacks and prevention this year

In this post, Fluid Attacks shares a digest of trends in cyberattacks and prevention in 2022.

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Felipe Ruiz

Top 10 international capture the flag competitions

Do you know what capture the flag is in the cybersecurity field? Are you aware of some of the most recent and prominent CTF competitions worldwide? Learn here.

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Jason Chavarría

Top 10 offensive security international conferences

Want to know which are the best conferences for hackers? We share our selection of the top 10 international hacking events focusing on offensive security.

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Rafael Alvarez

Five policies to test your organization's security

We want to guide you about some management policies that we suggest you could use to answer with high precision how secure your information is.

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Jason Chavarría

You should switch to Git right now

Switching to Git will boost your productivity and allow you to go fast. It will also open up your possibility of achieving DevSecOps with us.

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Jason Chavarría

What developers should look for in open-source software

Developers need to mitigate risks when using open-source software (OSS). We share basic aspects by which developers can guide their choice of OSS.

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