Read our or other experts' take on cybersecurity topics, such as trends, technology, certifications and ethical hacking.

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Felipe Ruiz

Lessons learned from black swans

There are also "black swans" in cybersecurity. We can run into one of them at any time, so we must be prepared.

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Felipe Ruiz

A digital infrastructure issue that many still ignore

The joke mentioned here is just a small sample of a big dependency issue in the global digital infrastructure, about which we need to raise awareness.

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Felipe Ruiz

How can we justify the investment in cybersecurity?

While it can be a difficult task because cybersecurity often does not bring tangible benefits, here are some ideas that help justify investing in it.

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Jason Chavarría

Our pick of the hardest challenges for ethical hackers

We share what to us are the 10 most challenging ethical hacking certifications, so that you can choose your next one and even trace a path to help your career.

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Jason Chavarría

Understanding 51 new PCI DSS requirements made easy

PCI DSS v4.0 brings 51 new requirements that are best practices until March 2025. We share a classification that may help take it all in.

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Felipe Ruiz

Let's rather say a bunch of breaches in a single box

They said they discovered the mother of all data breaches. But it was a false alarm. Let's understand why.

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Jason Chavarría

Six main items in an AI policy for software development

Your company should have a policy about generative AI usage for software development. Read our suggestions on the most important items to include.

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Jason Chavarría

Threat landscape and cybersecurity trends we anticipate

Get an idea of the top threats to cybersecurity and preventive trends that we predict for 2024.

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Jason Chavarría

Impacts of false positives by security software

Losing time on false positives lowers devs' morale, costs money and prevents security teams from responding to real risks. We give details and recommendations.

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