Entries where we describe security best practices and approaches, tackling basic, as well as trending, cybersecurity concepts.

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Wendy Rodriguez

Data protection in the financial sector, tips and more

Challenges today in data protection in the financial industry and measures to take, be it in software development or otherwise, to safeguard data.

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Jason Chavarría

If the essential security layer is flawed, you're toast

You must not stop remediating vulnerabilities in your mobile apps just because you fully trust technologies such as RASP or anti-reverse engineering solutions.

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Wendy Rodriguez

The need to enhance security within the fintech sector

Fintechs are disrupting the financial services sector, creating cybersecurity challenges. Here is its current landscape and best practices for the sector.

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Wendy Rodriguez

Is your financial service as secure as you think?

Organizations providing financial services are prime targets for cybercrime. Learn why, which threats lurk, and how we can help.

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Wendy Rodriguez

Bringing the zero trust model to life

ZTNA, an element of the zero trust model, makes access management simple and secure for everyone involved.

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Felipe Ruiz

On-premises or in the cloud, security is your concern

We bring you a small comparison between on-premises and cloud environments, disclosing their advantages and disadvantages, with a stronger emphasis on security.

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Felipe Ruiz

It's about time you relied on code-assisted pentesting

Here are some reasons why it would be prudent and beneficial to stop being reluctant to share your code for pentesting with a reputable cybersecurity company.

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Felipe Ruiz

NIST sheds light on the classification of attacks on AI

Here is an overview of a recent NIST report on adversarial machine learning that could help us understand more about attacks against and from AI systems.

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Jason Chavarría

Importance, types, steps, tools of pentesting, and more

Explore the world of penetration testing and gain understanding of how it bolsters your cybersecurity safeguards against emerging threats.

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