Posts with this tag address situations in which credentials or passwords were or may be compromised and what the best practices are for managing them.

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Felipe Ruiz

Let's rather say a bunch of breaches in a single box

They said they discovered the mother of all data breaches. But it was a false alarm. Let's understand why.

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Jason Chavarría

Among exposed were secrets, code and AI training data

We describe the leak and mention its causes and threats, talk about the possible security risks when using Azure SAS tokens and give advice to prevent leaks.

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Jason Chavarría

Toyota's ancient and recently disclosed data leaks

We describe the data leaks recently disclosed by Toyota Motor Corporation lasting five, eight and ten years.

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Felipe Ruiz

Watch out for keylogging/keyloggers

Here we spell out what keylogging is and what keyloggers are, as well as how you can prevent, identify and remove them.

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Felipe Ruiz

Benefits and risks of these increasingly used programs

We describe the password managers, their advantages and disadvantages, some recent security incidents, and give you some recommendations on their use.

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Jason Chavarría

How does this clever Linux Trojan operate?

Reportedly, the last six months have seen a 254% surge in this Linux Trojan's activity. Read this post to learn what it is and what should be done about it.

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Jason Chavarría

Insider attack suspect was arrested this month

An individual was arrested for extorting Ubiquiti, the company where he worked as a developer. In this post, we narrate the key points of his attack.

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Jason Chavarría

Here's what happened this year, in case you missed it

Supply chain attacks, ransomware and data leaks: We give you a short summary of the major cyberattacks of 2021.

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Jason Chavarría

All of Argentina's population IDs stolen and for sale?

This new leak may compromise more than 45M people. Read this post to learn who the attacker is, how he gained access and his connection with past leaks.

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