Entries with this tag explore the characteristics of pentesting or guide you through its processes, which may include exploiting vulnerabilities and bypassing defenses.

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Felipe Ruiz

Description and critique of CEH certifications

Here's a description and a critique of the CEH founded on the question, "Should the person who has this certification be called a 'certified ethical hacker'?"

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Felipe Ruiz

Tips for choosing a vulnerability management solution

If you are still wondering what you should pay more attention to when choosing a vulnerability management solution, we recommend you read this blog post.

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Jason Chavarría

Vulnerability scanning and pentesting for a safer web

Learn how website and web app security scanning work, their role in vulnerability management, and why mix them with pentesting in vulnerability assessment.

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Jason Chavarría

Escaneo de vulnerabilidades y pentesting para la web

Aprende cómo funcionan los escaneos de seguridad de aplicaciones y sitios web, su papel en la gestión de vulnerabilidades y las razones para combinarlos con el pentesting en la evaluación de vulnerabilidades.

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Felipe Ruiz

Definitions, classifications and pros and cons

Learn what vulnerability scanners and vulnerability scanning are, what their classifications are, and what their pros and cons are.

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Felipe Ruiz

Definiciones, clasificaciones, ventajas y desventajas

Aprende qué son los escáneres de vulnerabilidades y el escaneo de vulnerabilidades, cuáles son sus clasificaciones y cuáles son sus pros y contras.

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Felipe Ruiz

How this process works and what benefits come with it

Learn about the vulnerability management process, its stages, and the benefits your organization can obtain by implementing it.

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Felipe Ruiz

Cómo funciona este proceso y qué beneficios conlleva

Aprende sobre el proceso de gestión de vulnerabilidades, sus etapas y los beneficios que tu organización puede obtener implementándolo.

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Felipe Ruiz

Get an overview of vulnerability assessment

Learn what vulnerability assessment is, why this IT systems evaluation process is important, what types exist, and how it relates to vulnerability management.

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