Entries with this tag cover offensive-security certifications, tasks involved in earning them, ethical-hacking challenges and other training activities.

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Jason Chavarría

Our pick of the hardest challenges for ethical hackers

We share what to us are the 10 most challenging ethical hacking certifications, so that you can choose your next one and even trace a path to help your career.

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Andres Roldan

An OffSec Exploitation Expert review

In this post, we review the EXP-401 course and OSEE certification offered by OffSec.

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Jason Chavarría

An interview with members of our hacking team

Members of our hacking team who took part in the International Cybersecurity Challenge tell us what the hardest part was, their recommendations, and more.

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Jason Chavarría

There's not an only way but here's a good one

We offer a guide to become an ethical hacker based off some information on common non-technical and technical skills hackers find useful for their role.

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Andres Roldan

An OffSec Experienced Pentester review

In this post, we review the PEN-300 course and OSEP certification offered by OffSec.

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Andres Roldan

A Certified Red Team Lead (CRTL) Review

In this post we review the RTO-2 course and CRTL certification offered by Zero-Point Security.

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Felipe Ruiz

Top 10 international capture the flag competitions

Do you know what capture the flag is in the cybersecurity field? Are you aware of some of the most recent and prominent CTF competitions worldwide? Learn here.

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Jason Chavarría

Top 10 offensive security international conferences

Want to know which are the best conferences for hackers? We share our selection of the top 10 international hacking events focusing on offensive security.

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Jason Chavarría

Enhancing cybersecurity across government entities

Learn about the Federal Rotational Cyber Workforce Program Act of 2021 and the State and Local Government Cybersecurity Act of 2021, which were signed into law.

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