Posts with this tag mention the security of web applications or their use to practice attacks.

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Felipe Ruiz

Conti gang relentlessly lashes their vulnerable systems

It's been almost two weeks since the beginning of the Conti gang's new wave of cyberattacks against Costa Rican organizations. Find out here what has happened.

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Jason Chavarría

Google is forced to give EU users a 'Reject all' option

Users in France can now reject all cookies in Google Search and YouTube more easily after these services' banners were found to break EU data privacy laws.

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Felipe Ruiz

Three strikes already for this web browser in 2022

In this blog post, you can learn about three zero-day vulnerabilities of at least high severity in Google Chrome that have been exploited this year.

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Felipe Ruiz

The Blanc brothers and the Chappe telegraph network

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Discover in this blog post the old incident that is considered by many as the first cyberattack in history.

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Felipe Ruiz

The emergence of WhisperGate as the first worrying sign

Although Russia has not invaded Ukraine so far, cyberattacks attributed to that world power have again been reported and could escalate into a cyberwar.

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Jason Chavarría

What was Azure's four-year-old vulnerability?

A recently discovered four-year-old vulnerability in Microsoft's Azure App Service has been keeping the source codes of customer applications public.

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Jason Chavarría

New OWASP Top 10 emphasizes secure design

The OWASP Top 10 ranks the most critical security risks to web applications. The 2021 installment comes with new categories, name changes and a new order.

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Felipe Ruiz

Don't leave the relentless SQL Injection in oblivion

Thanks to this post, you'll understand the injection attacks in general terms, especially the SQL Injection. You'll also have some prevention ideas at hand.

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Felipe Ruiz

The Colombian Foreign Ministry faced a big trouble

Here I give you an overview of the recent Colombian Foreign Ministry's security problem and the inadequate disclosure of such vulnerability in the media.

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