Fluid Attacks acknowledges many companies' alarming situation today in which their attack surfaces are amplified considerably as they implement multiple digital solutions which keep them in competition. An ‘attack surface’ includes all of your own as well as third-party hardware and software connected to the Internet which stores and handles your company's data. This entire collection of digital assets may contain security flaws or vulnerabilities at risk of being exploited by cybercriminals. Fluid Attacks provides you with a platform linked to our Continuous Hacking service in order to comprehensively evaluate your networks for potential risks and continually identify security vulnerabilities which need remediation. Fluid Attacks' platform can help your company understand its exposure and reduce the corresponding attack surface.

In general terms, attack resistance management has an initial step that involves discovering all of the internet-facing digital assets (e.g., web apps, cloud, mobile apps, IoT, email servers) that use some of your corporate data. Then, it is necessary to classify these assets based on characteristics such as functionality and business criticality. Next, using security ratings or risk assessments and analytics for all digital assets, we prioritize some of them when looking for vulnerabilities through ethical hacking. As a last but simultaneously all-pervasive step, it is crucial to have continuous security monitoring of internal and external network environments and systems, updated on old and new vulnerabilities and threats—even considering malicious assets.

These are the benefits of ARM

Digital asset identification

Continuous monitoring in an ARM program provides your company with a holistic perception of the digital assets which exist on your internal and external networks, as well as the potential attack vectors for malicious hackers.

Improved security testing

ARM programs are a key to successful ethical hacking activities in your network environments because, in addition to knowing all the systems involved, these can be classified and prioritized for evaluation.

Reduced cybersecurity risks

Discovering, monitoring, and managing your company’s digital assets can help prevent the presence of outdated and unknown software and components. It can also help reduce human mistakes or misconfigurations, data breaches, and opportunities for hackers to jeopardize your firm’s security.

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