Vulnerability Management

At Fluid Attacks, we offer the Vulnerability Management solution, which combines advanced scanning software with our ethical hackers’ ability to identify, classify and prioritize the vulnerabilities in organizations’ information systems. This process — supported by our Attack Surface Manager (ASM) through which our reports are delivered — can provide fundamental insight into your company’s cybersecurity. It can indicate how well it is protected against potential threats, which issues need to be addressed most urgently, and which have already been resolved. The Vulnerability Management solution can be part of your entire software development lifecycle, especially in a Continuous Hacking process. In this service, we initially assess superficial and deterministic vulnerabilities and then, through our experts’ work, proceed to the identification of deeper, more complex and also zero-day vulnerabilities.


Understanding vulnerabilities

Our standard services include consulting and clarification by hackers (via ASM) so that you can understand vulnerabilities without additional cost. We provide you with valuable preliminary knowledge, allowing you to later achieve the remediation of each of the vulnerabilities that we report.

Zero-day vulnerabilities

Our ethical hackers are proficient at finding zero-day vulnerabilities. These are flaws in IT systems, which others have not yet found and which do not have an established remediation patch.

Up-to-date protection

As you probably know, threats are in constant evolution. Our Vulnerability Management solution is capable of identifying new vulnerabilities, which are frequently introduced into the set of known vulnerabilities, and provides you with regular access to the findings so that you can keep your protection up to date.

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