Conference event topics available from Fluid Attacks

Fluid Attacks can help you with your next conference. We are happy to provide professional conference presentations on a variety of topics. Pick a topic below and contact us. Let's explore what we can do together.


You choose three possible dates for your event that would work best for you. We then select one of those dates and confirm that date with you.


  • Cost: You are responsible for the conference venue cost and the registration fees for conference attendees. Fluid Attacks will cover all other conference-related expenses. However, we do require approximately 20 registered attendees for a conference to take place. If you are unable to provide at least 20 attendees, then please call us immediately. We can secure up to 4 conference attendees for you in order to help you reach the minimum requirement, but you will need to cover their registration fees.

  • Event materials: Attendees who complete the customer satisfaction survey within one day after the event will be sent all conference materials.

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