Cybersecurity experts and other guests answer questions about their work or recently earned certifications.

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Jason Chavarría

An interview with members of our hacking team

Members of our hacking team who took part in the International Cybersecurity Challenge tell us what the hardest part was, their recommendations, and more.

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Felipe Zárate

Interview with Roldan on his eWPTv1 certification

Andres Roldan obtained the eLearnSecurity Web application Penetration Tester (eWPTv1) certification. Here we talk to him about this achievement.

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Felipe Zárate

A short interview with Óscar Uribe

Óscar Uribe obtained the Offensive Security Exploit Developer (OSED) certification on June 15. Here we talk to him about this achievement.

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Felipe Ruiz

Mauricio Gomez talking about Fluid Attacks

Mauricio Gomez, a co-founder of Fluid Attacks, recently had an interview with Aviva Zacks of Safety Detectives. You can access it here.

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Felipe Ruiz

A short interview with Andres Roldan

We spoke with Andres Roldan, our Offensive Team Leader, who recently obtained his OSCE certificate. Here he shares with us a little more about his experience.

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Felipe Ruiz

A short interview with Daniel Yepes

We talked to Daniel Yepes, a colleague who recently achieved his certificate as a Red Team Expert. He shared his experience and tips to obtain that certificate.

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Julian Arango

A chat with Daniel Correa

We had the pleasure of chatting with Daniel Correa, a Security Expert who shared his views on current threats, human factors in cybersecurity, and technology.

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Julian Arango

A chat with Ricardo Yepes. Part 2

In this post, the second part of our interview with Ricardo Yepes, we address topics such as cybersecurity, academic research, a learning platform, and more.

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Julian Arango

A chat with Ricardo Yepes. Part 1.

We spoke to the DevOps engineer Ricardo Yepes recently, and he shared his current vision of cybersecurity. Here is the first part of our conversation.

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