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Interview With Safety Detectives

Mauricio Gomez talking about Fluid Attacks

Mauricio Gomez, a co-founder of Fluid Attacks, recently had an interview with Aviva Zacks of...

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A Recent OSCE in Our Team

A short interview with Andres Roldan

We spoke with Andres Roldan, our Offensive Team Leader, who recently obtained his OSCE...

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A New Red Team Expert

A short interview with Daniel Yepes

We talked to Daniel Yepes, a colleague who recently achieved his certificate as a Red Team...

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A Perspective in Cybersecurity

A chat with Daniel Correa

We had the pleasure of chatting with Daniel Correa, a Security Expert who shared his views on...

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Learning How to Code

A chat with Ricardo Yepes. Part 2

In this post, the second part of our interview with Ricardo Yepes, we address topics such as...

Bookshelf with some books

We Need More Training in Basics

A chat with Ricardo Yepes. Part 1.

We spoke to the DevOps engineer Ricardo Yepes recently, and he shared his current vision of...

Nicolás Acosta, CISO at Corona

Sensible About Cybersecurity

An interview with Nicolás A. CISO at Corona. Part II.

In the second part of our interview with Nicolás Acosta, he shared his perspective on risk...

Nicolás Acosta, CISO at Corona

Innovation More Understandable

Nicolás Acosta, CISO of Corona, shared his perspective on topics like artificial intelligence,...

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Preventing Hacks at CERN

A chat with Andrés Gómez

For this post, we spoke with Andrés Gómez, a former Fluid Attacks' member, who is researching to...

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