Posts with this tag discuss the security of source code or different approaches to writing or analyzing it.

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Carlos Bello

Injecting JS into one site is harmful, into all, lethal

In this blog post, we present in detail a vulnerability we discovered in Rushbet v2022.23.1-b490616d, along with the steps to follow to replicate the exploit.

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Jason Chavarría

Our CLI is an approved AST tool to secure cloud apps

Fluid Attacks' automated tool is recommended by the App Defense Alliance for static scanning under the Cloud Application Security Assessment (CASA) framework.

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Felipe Ruiz

A simple approach to try out in cybersecurity training

We present a short review of a study in which the authors suggest an approach to introduce and encourage software developers to use secure coding practices.

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Felipe Ruiz

Open the door to security as a quality requirement

Discover what is usually seen as code quality, why we believe this concept should include security and some recommendations to develop high-quality code.

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Felipe Ruiz

Use of automated tools only? Don't stick to your guns!

In this blog post, we present some differences between automated and manual code reviews and emphasize the latter and the procedures performed by the reviewers.

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Carlos Bello

So it's the app itself that delivers the cookie to me?

In this blog post, I present in detail a zero-day vulnerability I discovered in KAYAK v161.1, along with the steps to follow to replicate the exploit.

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Felipe Ruiz

And round it off with our Secure Code Review

Check out some best practices for secure coding your developers can start applying and how our Secure Code Review can complement them.

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Felipe Ruiz

Yes, you, who think your app is immune to cyberattacks

In this blog post, we focus on secure code review and the benefits of applying it early and consistently in your software development lifecycles.

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Felipe Ruiz

New companies come on board to renew this standard

In this blog post, we provide an overview of the OASIS SARIF. More and more companies are joining OASIS to support the creation and launch of a new version.

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