Entries with this tag cover techniques and practices to secure information and communication, especially encryption, the process of encoding digital data.

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Felipe Ruiz

Outstanding incidents of this type of crime since 2011

Discover some of the most notorious crypto crimes to date, among which we present not only software cyberattacks but also tremendous scams.

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Felipe Ruiz

Introduction to a trend of just over a decade ago

We share basic knowledge about cryptocurrency and related concepts, including crypto crime, a worrying issue that has gone hand in hand with that paradigm.

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Felipe Ruiz

Benefits and risks of these increasingly used programs

We describe the password managers, their advantages and disadvantages, some recent security incidents, and give you some recommendations on their use.

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Felipe Ruiz

NIST chose four algorithms, and four others are pending

NIST chose the first four quantum-resistant cryptography algorithms. Here you'll learn about it with an intro to public key cryptography and quantum computing.

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Felipe Ruiz

Find out about LockBit, now in its menacing 2.0 version

In this post, you'll learn in general terms what LockBit ransomware is, what its characteristics are and why it can pose a significant threat to your business.

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Felipe Zárate

Tips for understanding the Apple–China controversy

In this post, we will understand why the Apple data center inaugurated in Guizhou reopened the controversy over data privacy in China.

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Felipe Ruiz

The first ransomware (as a gift) for this new year

Here's a post dedicated to the new form of ransomware, Babuk Locker. I mention its encryption scheme, its injection, operation, and other basic things about it.

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Felipe Ruiz

Some pieces of information about ransomware attacks

Everyone could be a target for ransomware attacks. Here we give an introduction to this topic and tips that could help you prevent being a victim.

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Felipe Ruiz

A very short introduction to password cracking

After I wrote this post, I decided to change some of my most important passwords, and after you read it, we think you might want to modify your passwords too.

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