Entries with this tag talk about cases of vulnerability exploitation or address the creation and use of code strings known as exploits.

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Carlos Bello

Injecting JS into one site is harmful, into all, lethal

In this blog post, we present in detail a vulnerability we discovered in Rushbet v2022.23.1-b490616d, along with the steps to follow to replicate the exploit.

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Carlos Bello

So it's the app itself that delivers the cookie to me?

In this blog post, I present in detail a zero-day vulnerability I discovered in KAYAK v161.1, along with the steps to follow to replicate the exploit.

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Felipe Ruiz

Top 10 international capture the flag competitions

Do you know what capture the flag is in the cybersecurity field? Are you aware of some of the most recent and prominent CTF competitions worldwide? Learn here.

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Andres Roldan

A Black Hat talk follow up

We will take a brief understanding at DirectX, a new attack surface on Hyper-V

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Andres Roldan

Cross-process memory patching with Python

We will take AMSI bypass to another level by using cross-process memory injection.

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Felipe Ruiz

Three strikes already for this web browser in 2022

In this blog post, you can learn about three zero-day vulnerabilities of at least high severity in Google Chrome that have been exploited this year.

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Jason Chavarría

Patch these Log4j vulnerabilities or perish!

A vulnerability in the ubiquitous open-source library Log4j has revealed terrifying exploit possibilities. Learn what it is and what you should do about it.

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Jason Chavarría

Clues in the investigation of cyberattacks

We describe the kinds of technical traces left in the phases of a cyberattack and talk about how they may help the attribution process.

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Jason Chavarría

Here's what happened this year, in case you missed it

Supply chain attacks, ransomware and data leaks: We give you a short summary of the major cyberattacks of 2021.

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