Posts with this tag mention programs useful for or related to security, as well as applications with vulnerabilities or attacked by threat actors.

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Wendy Rodriguez

Software supply chain management in financial services

The financial sector's software supply chain is a difficult undertaking to manage. But it is a possible task. We discuss threats, trends and provide advice.

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Wendy Rodriguez

Consequential data breaches in the financial sector

Find out the harsh lessons that the most breached industry has to teach other companies.

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Wendy Rodriguez

Data protection in the financial sector, tips and more

Challenges today in data protection in the financial industry and measures to take, be it in software development or otherwise, to safeguard data.

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Wendy Rodriguez

The need to enhance security within the fintech sector

Fintechs are disrupting the financial services sector, creating cybersecurity challenges. Here is its current landscape and best practices for the sector.

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Wendy Rodriguez

Bringing the zero trust model to life

ZTNA, an element of the zero trust model, makes access management simple and secure for everyone involved.

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Felipe Ruiz

We need you, but we can't give you any money

We want to persist in raising awareness about the scarce support that many open-source software projects, on which nearly everyone depends, are receiving.

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Wendy Rodriguez

Data breaches that left their mark on time

A look back at these ill-intentioned attacks that made us grateful they weren't directed towards our organizations.

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Felipe Ruiz

Lessons learned from black swans

There are also "black swans" in cybersecurity. We can run into one of them at any time, so we must be prepared.

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Wendy Rodriguez

The best offense is a good defense

Proactive prevention is the best strategy against ransomware attacks. That’s why we compiled the best practices to prevent this malicious act.

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