Posts with this tag talk about tendencies or widely publicized situations related to cybersecurity around the world.

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Jason Chavarría

Threat landscape and cybersecurity trends we anticipate

Get an idea of the top threats to cybersecurity and preventive trends that we predict for 2024.

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Jason Chavarría

Top cyberattack and prevention trends this year

Fluid Attacks shares a digest of top trends in cyberattacks and prevention in 2023.

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Felipe Ruiz

Outstanding incidents of this type of crime since 2011

Discover some of the most notorious crypto crimes to date, among which we present not only software cyberattacks but also tremendous scams.

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Felipe Ruiz

Introduction to a trend of just over a decade ago

We share basic knowledge about cryptocurrency and related concepts, including crypto crime, a worrying issue that has gone hand in hand with that paradigm.

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Felipe Ruiz

Towards an approach that engages more than SCA and SBOM

Understand what a comprehensive software supply chain security approach should aim at and why it is crucial to implement it during your company's SDLCs.

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Felipe Ruiz

Watch out for keylogging/keyloggers

Here we spell out what keylogging is and what keyloggers are, as well as how you can prevent, identify and remove them.

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Jason Chavarría

Why so many are switching to Rust

Memory-related security issues are common and often critical. To reduce their presence, ongoing projects are writing in memory-safe languages like Rust.

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Felipe Ruiz

We adhere to the attack resistance management concept

This blog post explains the "attack surface management" and "attack resistance management" concepts and our transition from one to the other.

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Felipe Ruiz

Threat landscape and preventive measures for next year

Thanks to this blog post, you will get an idea of possible threats and preventive measures that will take place in the cybersecurity context in 2023.

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