Posts with this tag talk about tendencies or widely publicized situations related to cybersecurity around the world.

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Felipe Ruiz

Watch out for keylogging/keyloggers

Here we spell out what keylogging is and what keyloggers are, as well as how you can prevent, identify and remove them.

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Jason Chavarría

Why so many are switching to Rust

Memory-related security issues are common and often critical. To reduce their presence, ongoing projects are writing in memory-safe languages like Rust.

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Felipe Ruiz

We adhere to the attack resistance management concept

This blog post explains the "attack surface management" and "attack resistance management" concepts and our transition from one to the other.

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Felipe Ruiz

Threat landscape and preventive measures for next year

Thanks to this blog post, you will get an idea of possible threats and preventive measures that will take place in the cybersecurity context in 2023.

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Jason Chavarría

Trends in cyberattacks and prevention this year

In this post, Fluid Attacks shares a digest of trends in cyberattacks and prevention in 2022.

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Felipe Ruiz

Learn with Fluid Attacks about adopting this culture

Fluid Attacks answers what DevSecOps is and brings you a complete guide on how to implement it, including basic steps, challenges, best techniques and tools.

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Felipe Ruiz

Recommendations from the U.S. government

In recent months, the U.S. government has been sending out warnings and suggestions for action for organizations that could fall victim to Russian cyberattacks.

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Felipe Ruiz

Highlights since just before the Russian invasion

This blog post provides you with a timeline of some cybersecurity highlights since shortly before Russia invaded Ukraine up to this point.

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Jason Chavarría

Current trends and predictions for the coming years

In this post, we share a digest of 2021's trends in cyberattacks and prevention, as well as some predictions for the coming years.

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