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Time for the U.S. to Strike Back?

SolarWinds could be the start of a U.S.-Russia cyberwar

Here you can find experts' opinions about the SolarWinds attack and some suggestions that could...

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And Don't Forget ISO/IEC 30111

Guidelines for the vulnerability handling processes

This post is related to vulnerability handling processes (ISO/IEC 30111), complementing the...

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Don't Be Ignorant of ISO/IEC 29147

Guidelines for the vulnerability disclosure processes

Would you like to get a clearer idea about vulnerability disclosure? Start with reading this...

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Sudo Heap Overflow CVE-2021-3156

Replicating CVE-2021-3156 with AFL

In this article we will be able to reproduce the bug described on CVE-2021-3156 using fuzzing.

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Thoughtless Vulnerability Reporting

The Colombian Foreign Ministry faced a big trouble

Here I give you an overview of the recent Colombian Foreign Ministry's security problem and the...

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SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack

A concise summary of the SolarWinds security fiasco

This post outlines the SolarWinds supply chain attack that has affected multiple companies and...

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Babuk Locker for the 2021

The first ransomware (as a gift) for this new year

Here's a post dedicated to the new form of ransomware, Babuk Locker. I mention its encryption...

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Interview With Safety Detectives

Mauricio Gomez talking about Fluid Attacks

Mauricio Gomez, a co-founder of Fluid Attacks, recently had an interview with Aviva Zacks of...

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Exploiting MiTeC NetScanner

Tricky SEH exploit

This post will show how to build our version of an exploit for NetScanner, which was...

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Vulnserver Reverse Engineering

The devil is in the details

This post will show how use reverse engineering techniques and tools to find vulnerabilities on...

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Exploiting QuickZip 4.x


This post will show how to build our version of an exploit for QuickZip 4.x SEH overwrite.

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Online Voting for a New President?

The trouble with OmniBallot and other voting platforms

In this post, we show you the exposed vulnerabilities of one of the many online voting options...

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