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HEVD: Local Privilege Escalation

Local Privilege Escalation

In this article we will be able to perform a Local Privilege Escalation using an exploit to HEVD

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Bypassing OS protections

In this article we will defeat some protections using several techniques for exploting HackSys...

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HEVD: Denial of Service

How to crash Windows

This article will be the first approach to start exploting HackSys Extremely Vulnerable Driver...

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Windows Kernel Exploitation: Lab

Getting in the deeps of the OS

This post will guide you to setup a lab environment for start exploiting Windows Kernel drivers

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A New Red Team Expert

A short interview with Daniel Yepes

We talked to Daniel Yepes, a colleague who recently achieved his certificate as a Red Team...

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Respond the Name

Attacking a network using Responder

Windows hosts use LLMNR and NBT-NS for name resolution on the local network. These protocols do...

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Roasting Kerberos

Attacking a DC using kerberoast

Windows Active Directory works using the Kerberos protocol, and in this blog post, we detail how...

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Querier Writeup

How to solve HTB Querier

Here we explain how to use Querier's insecure configurations to gain system access, and how to...

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