Penetration Testing: Security tests imitating the attacker

You can have Fluid Attacks perform continuous penetration testing, including simulated attacks on your systems, to discover vulnerabilities tools cannot find.

solution Penetration Testing: Security tests imitating the attacker

Fluid Attacks' comprehensive Penetration Testing solution is based on our certified pentesters' ability to simulate real-world cyberattacks in order to infiltrate companies' software and information assets. Our pentesters look for and try to exploit security vulnerabilities in your systems and then provide you with detailed reports that can assist you in their proper elimination.

Contrary to other penetration testing solutions, our pentesting is not an automated activity. Fluid Attacks' professionals make use of security and penetration testing tools and rely on their expertise to apply manual security testing techniques. Therefore, this kind of testing focuses much more on vulnerabilities that cannot be discovered through automated scanning methods, which are oriented to find known weaknesses. Our hackers know the latest and most intricate techniques threat actors use to attack, and penetration testing is the perfect way to find out whether your system is effectively secured against them.

Benefits of Penetration Testing

In-depth hacking

In-depth hacking

Our ethical hackers' extensive efforts allow them to know in greater detail the vulnerabilities in the systems they assess and what risks are being taken if these flaws are not promptly remediated.

Manual and precise security testing

Manual and precise security testing

Our ethical hackers go beyond using automated tools, exerting their expertise to discover everything that can pose a cybersecurity risk within your IT systems. This is how we can guarantee very low rates of false positives and false negatives in our projects.

Enhanced cybersecurity

Enhanced cybersecurity

You can have an updated status of your systems' security through continuous penetration testing, which then enables you to remediate vulnerabilities before cybercriminals find them.

Multiple reattacks

Multiple reattacks

Every time you remediate a vulnerability we find in your system through Continuous Hacking, you can ask our team to verify that remediation. This verification process does not have any additional cost, no matter how many reattacks are necessary.

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Penetration Testing FAQs

What is penetration testing?

It is the simulation of genuine attacks to test the security of a system with the permission of its owners. This method often involves creating custom exploits with the goal of bypassing defenses. That is why it can be as accurate as the skills of the ethical hackers performing it allow it to be. We perform continuous pentesting, which means that our professionals test your systems permanently as you make changes.

What is the primary purpose of penetration testing?

It is to find business-critical vulnerabilities in information systems by using the same techniques and way of thinking of malicious hackers.

What is the end result of a penetration test?

Penetration tests reveal complex vulnerabilities that are often more severe than those found by automated tools alone. The result is a more realistic view of the security of information systems. If it is performed continuously and early in the software development lifecycle (SDLC), as we do not tire of recommending, then you can eliminate spots through which malicious hackers could get in before moving into production.

What is manual pentesting?

We argue that automated tools cannot perform penetration testing. Therefore, manual pen testing is the only kind there is. So the answer to this question is the same as that to the first question of this FAQ. Remember, vulnerability scanning cannot do what shines the brightest in manual penetration testing: simulation of real attack scenarios.

Get started with Fluid Attacks' Penetration Testing solution right now

As cyberattacks keep multiplying, organizations that continuously test their systems, predicting the moves of threat actors, have a better chance of succeeding against them. Don't miss out on the benefits, and ask us about our Penetration Testing solution. If first you'd like a taste of our automated security testing, check out the 21-day free trial.

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