Entries dedicated to cybersecurity standards and news covering issues of compliance.

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Felipe Ruiz

Keep tabs on this proposal from the Biden-Harris Admin

Learn about the cybersecurity strategy announced by the Biden-Harris Administration, specifically, the issues it aims to address and the pillars it is based on.

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Jason Chavarría

For which security standards is pentesting a must-have?

We present whether penetration testing is required for compliance with these security standards: GDPR, GLBA, HIPAA, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, SOC 2 and SWIFT CSCF.

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Jason Chavarría

Our CLI is an approved AST tool to secure cloud apps

Fluid Attacks' automated tool is recommended by the App Defense Alliance for static scanning under the Cloud Application Security Assessment (CASA) framework.

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Felipe Ruiz

Disclosure rules proposed by SEC may soon take effect

We briefly present the amendments to cybersecurity-related disclosure rules proposed by the SEC, their potential benefits and costs, and some recommendations.

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Felipe Ruiz

New companies come on board to renew this standard

In this blog post, we provide an overview of the OASIS SARIF. More and more companies are joining OASIS to support the creation and launch of a new version.

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Jason Chavarría

Advice for firms to comply with the HIPAA Security Rule

NIST published the second revision draft to its SP 800-66. Learn about the most significant changes that are being introduced.

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Felipe Ruiz

NIST chose four algorithms, and four others are pending

NIST chose the first four quantum-resistant cryptography algorithms. Here you'll learn about it with an intro to public key cryptography and quantum computing.

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Jason Chavarría

Enhancing cybersecurity across government entities

Learn about the Federal Rotational Cyber Workforce Program Act of 2021 and the State and Local Government Cybersecurity Act of 2021, which were signed into law.

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Jason Chavarría

Plans to fund cybersecurity in Latin America and Africa

The U.S. and EU are to fund protection of critical infrastructure in foreign countries, lest China does it first.

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