Entries with this tag address the benefits of cloud computing and the security risks or issues in these vast networks of remote servers.

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Felipe Ruiz

On-premises or in the cloud, security is your concern

We bring you a small comparison between on-premises and cloud environments, disclosing their advantages and disadvantages, with a stronger emphasis on security.

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Jason Chavarría

Among exposed were secrets, code and AI training data

We describe the leak and mention its causes and threats, talk about the possible security risks when using Azure SAS tokens and give advice to prevent leaks.

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Jason Chavarría

Toyota's ancient and recently disclosed data leaks

We describe the data leaks recently disclosed by Toyota Motor Corporation lasting five, eight and ten years.

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Jason Chavarría

The basics of cloud security posture management

Cloud security posture management involves vulnerability assessment, prioritization and remediation to secure cloud-based systems and infrastructures.

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Jason Chavarría

Our CLI is an approved AST tool to secure cloud apps

Fluid Attacks' automated tool is recommended by the App Defense Alliance for static scanning under the Cloud Application Security Assessment (CASA) framework.

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Jason Chavarría

Continuous manual security tests for going beyond MCSB

The Microsoft cloud security benchmark recommends regular red teaming and pentesting. We talk about how we help you go beyond that and achieve Azure DevSecOps.

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Jason Chavarría

Trends in cyberattacks and prevention this year

In this post, Fluid Attacks shares a digest of trends in cyberattacks and prevention in 2022.

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Jason Chavarría

Continuous manual security tests for AWS CAF compliance

AWS has sketched the way to achieve DevSecOps and provided its Cloud Adoption Framework. In it, it advises pen testing and red teaming, two things we excel at.

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Jason Chavarría

Benefits of shifting cloud security left

This post defines cloud DevSecOps, presents the key issues it helps tackle and gives you a condensed list of its benefits.

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