Posts with this tag touch on the DevOps methodology or address the culture in which security is thoroughly included in this approach.

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Jason Chavarría

Continuous manual security tests for going beyond MCSB

The Microsoft cloud security benchmark recommends regular red teaming and pentesting. We talk about how we help you go beyond that and achieve Azure DevSecOps.

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Jason Chavarría

Continuous manual security tests for AWS CAF compliance

AWS has sketched the way to achieve DevSecOps and provided its Cloud Adoption Framework. In it, it advises pen testing and red teaming, two things we excel at.

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Jason Chavarría

Benefits of shifting cloud security left

This post defines cloud DevSecOps, presents the key issues it helps tackle and gives you a condensed list of its benefits.

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Jason Chavarría

How we use DevSecOps tools for Continuous Hacking

We present the DevSecOps tools that we use in combination with manual security testing in our Continuous Hacking solution.

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Jason Chavarría

Our top advice for secure development across the SDLC

Fluid Attacks presents nine DevSecOps best practices that will help your organization weave security into the entire software development process.

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Felipe Ruiz

Learn with Fluid Attacks about adopting this culture

Fluid Attacks answers what DevSecOps is and brings you a complete guide on how to implement it, including basic steps, challenges, best techniques and tools.

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Jason Chavarría

Learn with Fluid Attacks about this professional path

Ever wondered what a DevSecOps engineer does in the cybersecurity industry? Find out their job functions and the required skills and experience to become one.

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Jason Chavarría

You should switch to Git right now

Switching to Git will boost your productivity and allow you to go fast. It will also open up your possibility of achieving DevSecOps with us.

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Jason Chavarría

What developers should look for in open-source software

Developers need to mitigate risks when using open-source software (OSS). We share basic aspects by which developers can guide their choice of OSS.

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