Networks and Hosts

The information flows that organizations usually establish and maintain in the current market are supported by external and internal networks. Fluid Attacks can check these infrastructures for your company, with the primary objective of finding security vulnerabilities that can represent different risk levels for your information assets and other resources. Our red team applies automatic scans and manual attacks following techniques such as SAST, DAST and Pentesting. They can discover misconfigurations in servers, ports or file transfer protocols, outdated components and other flaws that cybercriminals can follow and take advantage of in order to cause direct or indirect damage to your company.

Our network security testing focuses on services, hosts and devices of your internal and external networks (e.g., PCs, servers, VPNs, DNSs, apps, routers, IoT). First, it analyzes a general structure with its access points and then it checks each software element’s weaknesses, always taking into account the malicious hacker’s mindset, since at Fluid Attacks we are established as a red team.

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Hacking software for over 20 years

Fluid Attacks tests applications and other systems, covering all software development stages. Our team assists clients in quickly identifying and managing vulnerabilities to reduce the risk of incidents and deploy secure technology.

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