General description

Asserts is an open-source tool that looks for deterministic and peripheral vulnerabilities performing Dynamic and Static Application Security Testing (DAST - SAST). Asserts also automates attacks to verify the status (open/closed) of vulnerabilities on your system and gives you fast feedback on the proposed solutions. Therefore, Asserts can be included in CI/CD environments as a security gate.

Figure 1. Graphical representation

Technology stack

  • Python for the source code.

  • AWS to host the infrastructure.

  • Terraform to define as Code the infrastructure.

  • Docker to pack environments.

  • PGP, KMS, and SOPS to encrypt secrets and ensure safe-transport and storage of critical information.

Key benefits

Asserts will allow you to

  • perform generic security tests during the software lifecycle;

  • perform custom security tests during the software lifecycle;

  • encapsulate organization security policies as code, and enforce them across your software lifecycle;

  • identify the status of deterministic vulnerabilities on your system;

  • recognize the exact moment a vulnerability appeared (for every vulnerability check, Asserts prints the ToE fingerprint);

  • have an interactive cycle of vulnerability closing.

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