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Zero false positives

Expert intelligence + effective automation


Find all vulnerabilities and report them as soon as possible.

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What we do is attack your software in a comprehensive way at high speed. We do Static Security Testing (SAST), Dynamic Security Testing (DAST), Interactive Security Testing (IAST) and Software Composition Analysis (SCA) automating the confirmed vulnerabilities in any stage of the development lifecycle (SDLC).

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Platform for vulnerability centralization and management

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Vulnerability automation framework

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Why Fluid Attacks ?

Attacking Web, APIs, mobile apps, Servers, Networks, IoT Devices
SAST - DAST - IAST - SCA - DevSecOps

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Expert Intelligence + Effective Automation: Systems attacked integrally, with technical rigor, during the complete development lifecycle, at DevOps speed.

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Specialists in zero days vulnerabilities: Zero False Positives.Zero Scapes.

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62k+ confirmed vulnerabilities found in 2019: Since January 2019, we have found more than 62,000 confirmed vulnerabilities in our clients' repositories.

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Price based on scope: Pricing is based on lines of code analyzed, inputs(entry fields) and open ports. Forget about charges per hour or staff augmentation!

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Independence: . We don’t install, maintain, operate or sell other security products. No hidden agendas, no conflict of interests!

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Fluid Attacks has over 17 years of experience working with companies from different markets and economic sectors. See below for a partial list of our customers.

Bancolombia Aval BBVA Colpatria Banistmo Banco del Pacífico Banesco Banco Agromercantil Banco Agrícola Sura Protección Tigo Une Claro Internexa XM Grupo Argos Corona Manuelita Grupo Exito Avianca Abbott RSA The Missing Link Kometsales Koombea Cre8tive Teraport S4N

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