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Continuous Hacking

We detect vulnerabilities continuously as the software evolves during your development cycle. Our team runs comprehensive testing, detecting all vulnerabilities with no false positives.

One-Shot Hacking

We detect and report all vulnerabilities within one specific version of your application. Our team detects all existing vulnerabilities with no false positives.

If you haven't made up your mind about which service best suits your needs please visit our page.

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Integrates: our platform for vulnerability centralization and management

Through Integrates, Fluid Attacks communicates all identified security risks to a client’s systems for prompt, efficient and effective remediation. Decision-makers know the status of their projects.

Asserts: vulnerability automation framework

Asserts is an automated closing engine which closes security findings over execution environments (DAST and SAST). Asserts breaks the build if finds out that the vulnerability is open, either because it reopened or has not been closed.

Why Fluid Attacks?

Attacking Web, APIs, mobile apps, Servers, Networks, IoT Devices
SAST - DAST - IAST - SCA - DevSecOps


Tracing a vulnerability’s treatment: Forget about excel files and pdf reports! Stakeholders can manage, report and interact in Integrates, our GRC platform.


Your security department will no longer delay your project's progress: With our continuous hacking service, we report your vulnerabilities in the early stages and during the development of your project. Your developers can close vulnerabilities at the pace the project evolves.


Closing vulnerabilities is guaranteed: Asserts, our engine, automates attacks to verify the status (open or closed) of vulnerabilities. Asserts can be included in CI / CD environments as security gate.

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