Breach and Attack Simulation: Realistic tests of defenses

With Fluid Attacks, you can discover through simulated attack scenarios whether your company’s cybersecurity is ready to respond to current threats.

solution Breach and Attack Simulation: Realistic tests of defenses

Simulating an attack scenario can be the best way to discover whether an organization's information system and defense staff are ready to prevent, identify and respond to real threats. Current malicious hackers and malware follow specific procedures that our certified team of ethical hackers has the ability to understand and implement in every controlled simulation. Through our Breach and Attack Simulation solution, in which our team strictly assumes the role of the attacker, you will find out what the weaknesses of your company are in terms of cybersecurity and consequently make the first step towards strengthening your IT systems' controls and enhancing their security.

Organizations need to test the effectiveness of security controls against new threats and hacking techniques. We address this need through our breach and attack simulation services done by our highly certified ethical hackers who are up to date in the tactics, techniques and procedures of threat actors.

Benefits of Breach and Attack Simulation

Security testing that is close to reality

Security testing that is close to reality

Our ethical hackers use simulated attacks to bring your company closer to the reality of potential cybersecurity problems. Their findings can point to the necessary modifications to your systems that should be made in order to anticipate the actions of malicious hackers.

Vulnerability exploitation

Vulnerability exploitation

We can do exploitation as long as we have an open environment and your authorization. After discovering a vulnerability and exploiting it, we can show you the impacts on compromised records such as users, passwords, wages, credit card numbers, files on a hard disk, etc.

Knowledge about the severity of vulnerabilities

Knowledge about the severity of vulnerabilities

A simulated attack allows us to know your systems' vulnerabilities and classify them according to their severity (critical ones tend to be given a high priority). With the information we provide, you can consider the possible impacts of each vulnerability on your business and make the necessary decisions in order to keep your company secure.

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Breach and Attack Simulation FAQs

What is breach and attack simulation?

This security testing method involves ethical hackers, or pen testers, assessing the effectiveness of the security controls of organizations when confronted by the latest threat intelligence or adversarial tactics, techniques and procedures.

What is the end result of breach and attack simulation?

This life-like exercise reveals security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. The result is a more realistic view of the security of an organization's IT systems, as well as its incident detection and response capabilities. On the basis of these results, your organization's security controls can be enhanced so that they can withstand attacks by malicious hackers.

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Organizations who test their IT systems' security constantly through realistic attacks are aware of their preparedness to face the ever-evolving threat landscape. Don't miss out on the benefits, and ask us about our Breach and Attack Simulation solution. If first you'd like a taste of our automated security testing, check out the 21-day free trial and upgrade to include Breach and Attack Simulation at any time.